Are you looking for a new fitted kitchen in Newry?

It’s getting close to Christmas. Maybe you’ve been thinking of having your kitchen replaced for a while. But with Christmas only five weeks away – maybe there isn’t time? Fear not. There is still time to get your new fitted kitchen in Newry, Dundalk or Armagh (and the surrounding areas) in time for Christmas.

You still have time…

Here’s what you need to think about:

You could either replace your old kitchen with a brand new design from scratch – or renovate the kitchen that you have.
A fitted kitchen is made up of three main parts. The carcass (that’s the frame and structure of the cabinets), the doors and drawer fronts, and the work-tops.

A completely new fitted kitchen in Newry (or anywhere else) will mean removing the old carcass, work-tops and doors/drawers. Your new kitchen can be a complete re-design from scratch. You would be free to move and re-size the cupboards and move the location of yours.

Fitted Kitchen in Newry

You might want to add in a breakfast bar – like the photo shown above. A curved design perhaps?
When you replace the old kitchen entirely – you are free to do a complete re-design of your kitchen.
But bare in mind that this requires more work, and you may be without a working kitchen for a few days (2-3 at most) while your old kitchen is removed and the new one is installed.

Another think to consider when replacing the old kitchen with a new design – you will probably have to replace the floor and wall tiling too. (though wall tiling is less popular in new kitchens. Coloured glass, marble or granite splash backs are very popular.


The alternative is renovating your existing kitchen.
With this option the old carcass is retained and the doors/drawers and the worktops are replaced. You get the look of a brand new kitchen but it’s much faster and at a lower cost. The downside to kitchen renovation is that the layout of the kitchen will remain the same.
Not every carcass is suitable for renovation. Many older kitchens were made with a chip-board carcass and the condition of the carcass will determine whether it is suitable or not.

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