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Are you looking for a new Kitchen? Are you looking for a kitchen for a new build house, or are you renovating an older house? Maybe you’re refurbishing your existing kitchen or just looking to give it a facelift? Martin Brothers Kitchens Newry are located in Crossmaglen. Just 15 minutes from Newry Town, its a short and very scenic journey past the Sleive Gullion mountains.

If you’re thinking about a new kitchen, there a few things you should consider. The layout of your kitchen is probably the first thing you should consider. Make the layout as convenient as possible for yourself. Simple things like the storage of saucepans and pots. It might sound like this is stating the obvious – but it’s surprising how many people think about storing them in cupboards instead of large deep drawers. Remember, saucepans and pots don’t stack uniformly – you’ll want deep wire sides on the drawers to stop the posts falling out when you open the drawers.

Another good idea is a larder unit with the pull-out shelves. This means that it’s easy to get at the little things that would otherwise disappear into the back of a cupboard. The pull-out shelves makes it easy to get at all the jars and tins.

Will you keep your waste bin in a cupboard? Under the sink is where it’s often found. Make sure you’ve got enough space for a waste bin and a recycling container!

Next on the list is your appliances. Will you have an integrated fridge or one of the big american style stand-alone ones? will your microwave be built in, or will you have it on the worktop? Will you have a single combined oven or a separate oven and grill?

Many of these might seem trivial – but sometimes it’s the most obvious items that get overlooked?

At Martin Brothers Kitchens Newry we’ve produced a little guide t designing your dream kitchen. If you’d like a copy, please give Ursula or Fiona a call at the office on 02830-861239 and we’ll post you out a copy.



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