Are you looking for Kitchen Renovation in Newry ?

Martin Brothers Kitchens not only build the finest new kitchens, we also do kitchen renovation in Newry and surrounding areas. We can give your existing kitchen or give it a facelift.

What does it mean to renovate a kitchen? That depends very much on what you want. Sometimes it can be just replacing the doors and drawer fronts. sometimes it’s a new worktop. For instance, if your existing worktop is badly marked or discoloured, it’s possible to only replace it and that alone can make a dramatic improvement in the kitchen.

There’s a trend towards painting or spraying older kitchens at the moment. If the style of your doors and drawer fronts are suitable – a simple change of colour can breath new life into a tired kitchen for another few years. But that depends on the style of the door. Not all doors suit this treatment.

If the doors are a bit “wonky” and some of the handles are broken or missing – this might be another low cost way to give your kitchen a “tune-up”!

How will you know if your existing kitchen is suitable?

A renovation may not suit every kitchen. A kitchen renovation in Newry and the surrounding areas, is a cost effective way of breathing new life into your home. To be suitable for a facelift – the frame of your kitchen, otherwise known as the carcase, must be in tip-top condition. An easy way to tell the condition, is to check if all the door hinges are still soundly fixed to the structure, and if drawer runners are nice and tight. If there is any movement – then it may not be possible – or more importantly – a renovation may not be very reliable. After all, you won’t be happy if your new doors come away from the frame!

We’re more than happy to come out and assess the condition of your existing We can tell fairly quickly whether or not it’s possible or advisable. We’ll give you an honest answer either way.

Give Ursula or Fiona a call at the office on 028-30-861239 to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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